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Whether you are new to the world of cryptocurrency and investing, or you are a seasoned investor with a diverse portfolio, the Palantium community is a friendly, supportive place, where you can meet other investors to seek help, advice, contacts or simply to discuss Palantium and other crypto-related topics. 


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Quick FAQ

Q: What is Palantium’s vision and mission?

A: Palantium is envisioned as a cutting-edge financial tool specifically created to preserve wealth. It aims to provide a stable value store, distinct from traditional currencies which are susceptible to inflation, by eliminating mining and its associated sell pressure.


Q: How does Palantium differ from traditional currencies?

A: Unlike currencies like the dollar, which can lose value due to inflation, Palantium is designed to maintain its value over time. It doesn’t involve mining, which means there’s no continuous sell pressure to drive its price down. This makes it a more reliable option for those looking to safeguard their wealth.


Q: What does it mean that Palantium is built on the BEP-20 standard?

A: The BEP-20 standard is a technical specification on the Binance Smart Chain that provides a flexible format for tokens. Palantium’s adoption of this standard ensures a high level of security and enables fast, efficient transactions, aligning with the needs of modern investors.


Q: How does Palantium address security concerns?

A: Palantium offers ‘fort-knox level security’ by using a stress-tested and highly robust framework to protect assets. This security is a cornerstone of its design, ensuring that investors’ wealth is safeguarded against potential threats.


Q: What are the ecological implications of investing in Palantium?

A: Palantium stands out as an environmentally responsible investment. By minimizing its ecological footprint, it caters to those who are eco-conscious and wish to make financial choices that reflect a concern for the planet’s well-being.