Market Update

October was always supposed to be a bullish month after a dreadful September. At the beginning of the month, we have seen a surge in Bitcoin price, with Alts mostly doing their thing and hanging tight, while BTC grabs the deadlines, ready to pounce into the limelight in the coming weeks.

But of course, wherever there is upside potential in crypto there is also a downside and there are a few naysayers around, such as Robert Kyosaki (famous author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) saying that the entire worlds markets are going to crash into oblivion in “Octover”:

(108) Robert Kiyosaki: ‘The biggest crash in world history’ hits this October – YouTube

But is this really likely to happen in Crypto, with other such bullish news around? We prefer to see it as “Uptober” and are expecting some fairly large positive gains this month, based on headlines like these.

More evidence of institutional interest in the space comes with Metamask (your friendly browser wallet) integrating custody services from the big boys of the industry.

MetaMask Adds Custodians BitGo, Qredo, Cactus in Push for Institutional DeFi Users — CoinDesk

And a Swiss holiday resort going all Crypto with the introduction of shares being made available in Ether.

Credit Suisse Creates Ethereum-Based Shares in Swiss Resort — CoinDesk

In news at a country scale, Brasil (212m people) is set to vote on using Bitcoin as legal tender in the country.

Bitcoin set to become legal payment in Brazil (

And finally, the government getting on-side with the USA clarifying that it is not considering banning cryptocurrencies.

U.S. Won’t Ban Crypto Like China, Says SEC Chair Gensler – Bloomberg

If this is not a huge slice of bullish news cake with icing on top then I don’t know what is.

To me (and this is the only my opinion here of course) October is lining up to be a memorable month in crypto land.