How Much Should You Invest in Crypto — According to 5 Experts | NextAdvisor with TIME

This is a really interesting article over on (click the link above to view the original article). It looks at the opinions of 5 investment experts as to how much of one’s overall portfolio should be in risky assets like Cryptocurrency.


For me, I expect this differs between wealthy individuals and and less wealthy individuals. For example, I expect someone with enough wealth to have personal fund managers look after their money, will stick to the general rules discussed in this article.


Whereas people with decent amounts of money, but who manage it themselves, may be tempted to put a little more than 5% into risky assets.


Other people, for example average working people, with some money to spare, but not much, may well take big gambles and put all their spare cash into super risky assets like DOGE in the hope of some get rich quick results.

As always, it would seem that those with money, know how to manage their money properly and it’s probably worth paying attention.


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