Bitcoin Celebrates 13th White paper
anniversary in style

I often wonder where Satoshi Nakamoto is and what they are up to. Do they ever wish that they had revealed their identity and taken credit for all the impressive things that Bitcoin has been able to achieve over the last 13 years? Why did they choose to keep their identity hidden? Do they intend to ever reveal their identity and will people believe them when they do? 

Figure: First page of the Bitcoin whitepaper (source publish 0x)

I wish I could have a conversation with Satoshi and unload the tens of questions that I have about Bitcoin. For instance, I would love to know what they thought of Bitcoin at that time, did they realize the amount of potential that their invention held? Did they have any idea that one-day Bitcoin would be an expensive asset in itself? I would love to know what use cases they speculated for the coin. I would especially love to pick their brain on the numerous Bitcoin and regulation scandals all over the world. 


More than changing how money works, Bitcoin has created several job opportunities, improved people’s standards of living, improved the world’s economy. Its most significant input is that it has paved way for other similar coins and projects. 

The iconic release

The 31st of October, 2021 marked exactly 13 years since Satoshi Nakamoto posted the Bitcoin whitepaper and consequently revolutionized the finance industry. It was only 9 pages long and hasn’t changed much; in fact, to this day the original version is still widely available on the internet. Every year, Halloween usually marks yet another birthday for a magnificent release and this year marked the 13th year since the iconic Bitcoin white paper release. 


If you are one of those who have never heard of Bitcoin before; then you should note that it is a digital form of currency whose operation is fully online. It is fully decentralized to means that it is not under the control of any central authority be it a government or a central bank. It is also the first peer-to-peer electronic cash system and the entire cryptocurrency system is built on this idea. I doubt that anyone reading this has never heard of Bitcoin but if that is the case then welcome to civilization (on a light note). 


After Satoshi released the whitepaper he launched the first Bitcoin client in January the next year before he handed the project over to the community in 2010.

Crypto enthusiasts celebrate in style

As one would expect, Cryptocurrency enthusiasts went crazy on social media celebrating both Halloween and the iconic release that changed finance as we know it. There are two notable enthusiasts however that commemorated the release in a special way. 


1. CoinTelegraph – They celebrated the iconic release by embedding a video of the original Bitcoin whitepaper being read by comedian Gilbert Gottfried. They commended Bitcoin for foreseeing the need for a P2P, self-governing payment system. They also highlighted the tremendous growth shown by the coin over the years. 


2. Anthony Pompliano – Pompliano is a renowned entrepreneur who is respected all over the crypto community. He celebrated the iconic release by announcing the relaunch of Bitcoin Pizza (decentralized pizzeria) where buyers will be able to pay for pizza either using cash or Bitcoin. His goal is to conquer America and then the world. 


Bitcoin has indeed achieved a lot within a short span of 13 years, there is no saying what is next for this incredible disruptor.