Source: Chainalysis Blog | Eastern Europe’s Crypto Crime Landscape: Scams Dominate, Plus Significant Ransomware Activity

Newcomers and even old hands to the world of crypto can fall victim to scams. Any new technology where there is a wide range of people who are still learning is open to fraudulent activity. This has been the case since the invention of money and probably long before that! 


Think about when ATM’s were first introduced, or when Credit Cards were first introduced or when the Internet appeared, there were scams everywhere. A lot of scammers still rely on the telephone to sweet talk people out of their money.


So scams are nothing new, it’s just that crypto is a new medium on which scammers can operate.


The basic rule of thumb is “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”


Whenever you have to send money, anywhere, that you have not done before, then simply do a Google search for “Is <<place where you are sending money>> a scam>>


If you try this with STEX for example, one of the main exchanges where CRT is traded, you will find that there is an excellent Trustpilot result which provides a very reliable score for the exchange.